Thursday, August 20, 2009

My High Calling

Voila. The inaugural post. Was inspired and about to write when hubby called. Did I want to take children to their uncle's to jump on trampoline, swing and play with dogs? What? Take children to do -- just -- fun? When I have an all-important blog to inaugurate? Huh.

Thankfully, my wiser half kicked in. The one led by the Holy Ghost.

Ahhh, afternoon perfection. Sunshine. Balmy weather. Happy children jumping and playing. "Come on Mom! Jump with us!" "Watch THIS!!"

My high calling called. And I answered, "Yes." Feels good. The important things always do.


gstyrrell said...

I think I am your 1st follower. I can't believe, me of all people, "Miss" don't have time to be on here. I can only find the time if I stay up all hours of the night!!! lol
That's laugh out loud, but love you lots too.

gstyrrell said...

I can't believe what I just saw. When I did the write the word back thingy it had a handicapped sign outside the block, must have been just for me.

gstyrrell said...

Nope it was there again, must be for everyone. Ha Ha

gstyrrell said...

Oh, by the way I love your blog. I checked out and read everything. Your Good.

gstyrrell said...

Good Night!!!!!!