Saturday, July 26, 2014

SOUNDING AN ALARM - Part II of Don't Give Up On God

I Had to Post This!

The call to prayer for revival in our nation is gaining ground. Just in from my friend, David Patterson, is the following blog by Dr. Jack Hayford. In my last blog, I stated that the feel of another revival was with me and that I, along with others, was beginning to pray again with faith, and now, I am hearing the same from others who are more well known and respected than I. Here is what Pastor Jack has to say:

SOUNDING AN ALARM by Dr. Jack Hayford

Dear Friend,
Although I am not, by nature, an alarmist, I am writing you today to sound an alarm. To alert you to a danger that has arisen in America in this hour, and to encourage you to respond to it with faith-filled action.
What I am about to say, I believe comes not just from me but from the heart of the Holy Spirit. I am convinced He is speaking to us these days with great urgency and intensity. As we move through this 4th of July season, and are mindful of the blessings God has poured out upon America, the Lord Himself is sounding the alarm
He is re-awakening us, as Christians in America, to a call that is fundamental to the ministry of every believer. He is alerting us to the danger we face and, for the sake of our country's future, He is calling us to do the only thing that can avert it.
He is calling us back to the ministry of intercession.
For the past 20 years or so, the church in America has drifted away from this ministry. You may not be aware of it if you're younger than I am (and, given my current age, most likely you are). But from my vantage point the change is unmistakable.
In my early years when I began pastoring, intercessory prayer was woven into the very fabric of the church. Our congregation at Church on the Way, like many others, was very much "into it," (as we might have said back then) not because intercession was hip or popular, but because in those days it was considered foundational to the Christian life.
Sadly, however, this is no longer the case.  Interceding congregations are scarce these days.
The praying church in our nation has declined. We are considerably distanced from the intercessory pattern that characterized the lives of believers 30 or 40 years ago. Although there are believers here and there who still know a good deal about it, multitudes of Christians don't. Even some of those who have been faithful intercessors in the past have let it slip. Rather than continuing to watch and pray, some have drifted off to sleep.
I don't mean to be melodramatic, loved one, but this is the unvarnished truth: Neglecting the ministry of intercession has cost us dearly. It has taken a great toll, not just on the church, but on our entire nation.
We see the evidence of it all around us: Economic and governmental problems too numerous to mention, a disregard for Biblical values in our culture, an absence of the fear of the Lord. As believers, we are all disappointed and frustrated by such conditions and are quick to voice our dismay. We call for political action. We talk about getting out the vote and booting out of office the politicians and government officials who got us into this mess.
But the scriptural reality is politicians and government officials are not the cause of our problems.
America is in the condition it's in today because of the prayerlessness of the church! Our nation is spiritually and morally sick because so many Christians are either unaware of God's call to intercede, or unaware of how to go about it.
I'm not suggesting that as Christians we shouldn't vote and be active in government. But our votes alone will not make enough difference. Political activism will not meet the need. No amount of human energy or enterprise can save this country.
The only thing that will save America now is prayer.
Some might consider this bad news, but it's actually not. The future of America, though seriously imperiled, is salvageable. If the living Church will rise to be the Church God intends, this nation can be turned around. If believers will once again become responsible and sensitive to the call to intercede, we will find God's Word is still good. His power is still sufficient. In our day, as in the days of Solomon, He will fulfill His promise:
If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chron. 7:14-15)
"But Pastor Jack," you might say, "the problems we face are so massive, I don't know what to pray. I'm so disgusted and distressed by them I don't know where to start."
Then start with forgiveness. Forgiveness opens the door to effective intercession.
Why? Because to intercede is to step in on behalf of someone else. It is to do for another, through prayer, what Jesus did for us. As the ultimate Intercessor, He stood before God on our behalf when we were too unworthy, rebellious, or ignorant to stand before Him on our own. "He bore the sin of many, and made intercession for them all" (Is. 53:12).
As believers, we're called to follow His example, to go to God in prayer for those who cannot and will not go to Him themselves. But we can't do it with anger and irritation in our hearts. We can't intercede for people when we're mad at them. On the contrary, our intercession must begin, as Jesus's did on the cross, with the cry, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!" (Lk. 23:24, KJV).
That cry is not often heard in the church these days. It seems we are better schooled in political judgmentalism, analysis, and criticism than in being the first to forgive. This is one reason the ministry of intercession has been crippled.
But you and I can help turn the tide. We can ask God to forgive, not just the sinful and broken people around us, but everyone in our society, no matter how grotesque, corrupt, or evil they've become. Instead of calling for condemnation, we can say, "Lord, what's happening in our nation is not worthy of You. It merits judgment but I ask You for mercy. Father, forgive us, as a people, and breathe on us Your redemptive grace."
Can such simple prayers make a difference? Absolutely. You are an anointed child of the Most High God. Even a brief prayer uttered from your lips can change things.
What's more, you don't have to stop there.
You can do more. You can pray on-beyond yourself and your own abilities because, as Romans 8:26 says, "The Spirit . . . helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."
Imagine a child trying to put together a puzzle that's too complicated for him. Then envision a father taking hold of the child's hand and helping him put the pieces in the right places. That's what the Holy Spirit does for us. As we yield to Him in intercession, He helps us. He takes hold together with us and gives us spiritual words and groanings that are beyond our natural comprehension so that we can pray exactly the right thing.
Oh, how good and how great is our God! I simply can't fit in this letter all I want to say about Him and what He is calling us to do in this hour. I would like to share more about it, though. That's why, as a thank you gift for your gracious support this month, I want to send you my two books, Ten Steps Toward Saving America and Prayer is Invading the Impossible, as well as my new audio message on CD, Pray Beyond the Limits. The books and the message will pick up where this letter leaves off. They'll help further inspire you and equip you to fulfill your intercessory calling as a believer. Find out more.
Beloved, America can be saved! You and I, as Abraham's spiritual seed, can help bring God's blessing on this nation. So let's do it. Let's change history by rising up and being the Church God intends us to be.
Until I write again, I'll be thanking God for you and counting it an honor to be- 
Your Servant in the Lord, 
Pastor Jack 
and Your Friends at Jack Hayford Ministries

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't Give Up on God!

For thirty years the ministry has been my niche. Jesus has been my home. Traveling thousands of miles, serving with well-known ministers, and speaking to many hungry souls has been my vocation. It is more than a vocation, however, it is my life. I serve alongside my husband who is now a pastor. Being a part of two widespread revivals in the early 1980's and the mid 1990's produced an enduring expectation of God's goodness. Then the revivals stopped. Seeming to be between testaments, we searched for and pursued the Lord. We stood in faith. And we watched almost helplessly as our nation began to turn. While we waited, America turned down a wrong road. They took the wrong direction at the fork. First we were shocked. Then we wept. Later, even recently, we felt like giving up.

But then, something happened. After years of languishing in worldliness, God's people began to wake up. It hasn't taken off yet, but as sure as I have seen revivals before, it is happening again. Slowly beginning, nascent, perhaps it is not immediately obvious why we believe these hopeful facts.

We believe because we see God calling His people to prayer! People who walk with the Lord are beginning to speak the same thing: We want to pray! We know God wants us to pray! Flowing like the current of a river, God is pulling us into prayer again! We are excited and expectant! One salient example shines at the worldwide prayer meeting held at Times Square Church each Tuesday at its home in New York City. We just watched 1,800 people rejoice, praise, and pray together, and we were able to join them via the internet stream at Many countries are joining this prayer meeting, and thousands of devoted people are praying around the world!

We believe because we know that the return of the Lord is drawing nearer everyday. Burgeoning prayer is rising to usher in His coming, and He will be coming for a church without spot or blemish. Nothing purifies like prayer and persecution. While a worldwide prayer movement is brewing, an antithesis impends. Those who hate God and His people will not be silent. Expect some clash of world views. The clash of world views is very well articulated every morning at in his daily broadcast, "The Briefing." I highly recommend listening daily. It is just fifteen minutes and worth every one of them.

We believe because God is drawing His church together. There will be a growing chasm between the true church and the apostate. Many will claim Christianity but will not live the life described in the New Testament. Hailing preferred verses and explaining away undesirable ones, they will pick and choose Bible parts. Any viewpoint, any lifestyle will be tolerated, claiming that Jesus did the same. A dangerous cliff they skirt. Walk near the Word of God, and hold the truth in love.  (Ephesians 4:14-16; The word "speak" here means "hold.") Jesus did not tolerate a sinful church in love. He cleaned house. He tolerated sinners in love and told them to go and sin no more. A true and faithful church is a clean, Bible-obeying, Holy Spirit filled church, and that is the church that God is drawing together now out of every denomination and race.

Lastly, we believe because of the astounding world events taking place. Just pick up your newspaper, or more likely today, your laptop. I like the for breaking news. Whatever is on the major networks I always find at Drudge first, and more! Much is reported there that never makes "the news" on ye old regular TV. So much is happening in fulfillment of God's prophetic word, we can hardly keep up with it. Reading about Bible prophecy will reveal the almost endless connections between the news and Bible prophecy. You might try Pastor John Hagee for this kind of information.

A world wide move of God is beginning. The true church is waking up while a world wide apostate church is emerging. The apex of God's timetable approaches. Do not give up on God! His Spirit is active and change is coming. Make sure you are repentant, forgiven, filled and ready. Times are changing and God wants you to be ready.

Recommendations for excellent teaching from the Word of God: (Pastor John Hagee) (Times Square Church New York;
Pastor Carter Conlon) (Westminster Chapel - London - the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones; This site is a treasure trove of wisdom.)
I cannot end this list without mentioning my husband, Pastor Mike Stevens, whose excellent expository preaching is posted each Monday at

Listen, study and grow. We need to be mature disciples who please and serve The Most Wonderful Lord!