Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't Give Up on God!

For thirty years the ministry has been my niche. Jesus has been my home. Traveling thousands of miles, serving with well-known ministers, and speaking to many hungry souls has been my vocation. It is more than a vocation, however, it is my life. I serve alongside my husband who is now a pastor. Being a part of two widespread revivals in the early 1980's and the mid 1990's produced an enduring expectation of God's goodness. Then the revivals stopped. Seeming to be between testaments, we searched for and pursued the Lord. We stood in faith. And we watched almost helplessly as our nation began to turn. While we waited, America turned down a wrong road. They took the wrong direction at the fork. First we were shocked. Then we wept. Later, even recently, we felt like giving up.

But then, something happened. After years of languishing in worldliness, God's people began to wake up. It hasn't taken off yet, but as sure as I have seen revivals before, it is happening again. Slowly beginning, nascent, perhaps it is not immediately obvious why we believe these hopeful facts.

We believe because we see God calling His people to prayer! People who walk with the Lord are beginning to speak the same thing: We want to pray! We know God wants us to pray! Flowing like the current of a river, God is pulling us into prayer again! We are excited and expectant! One salient example shines at the worldwide prayer meeting held at Times Square Church each Tuesday at its home in New York City. We just watched 1,800 people rejoice, praise, and pray together, and we were able to join them via the internet stream at www.wwpray.org. Many countries are joining this prayer meeting, and thousands of devoted people are praying around the world!

We believe because we know that the return of the Lord is drawing nearer everyday. Burgeoning prayer is rising to usher in His coming, and He will be coming for a church without spot or blemish. Nothing purifies like prayer and persecution. While a worldwide prayer movement is brewing, an antithesis impends. Those who hate God and His people will not be silent. Expect some clash of world views. The clash of world views is very well articulated every morning at www.albertmohler.com in his daily broadcast, "The Briefing." I highly recommend listening daily. It is just fifteen minutes and worth every one of them.

We believe because God is drawing His church together. There will be a growing chasm between the true church and the apostate. Many will claim Christianity but will not live the life described in the New Testament. Hailing preferred verses and explaining away undesirable ones, they will pick and choose Bible parts. Any viewpoint, any lifestyle will be tolerated, claiming that Jesus did the same. A dangerous cliff they skirt. Walk near the Word of God, and hold the truth in love.  (Ephesians 4:14-16; The word "speak" here means "hold.") Jesus did not tolerate a sinful church in love. He cleaned house. He tolerated sinners in love and told them to go and sin no more. A true and faithful church is a clean, Bible-obeying, Holy Spirit filled church, and that is the church that God is drawing together now out of every denomination and race.

Lastly, we believe because of the astounding world events taking place. Just pick up your newspaper, or more likely today, your laptop. I like the www.drudgereport.com for breaking news. Whatever is on the major networks I always find at Drudge first, and more! Much is reported there that never makes "the news" on ye old regular TV. So much is happening in fulfillment of God's prophetic word, we can hardly keep up with it. Reading about Bible prophecy will reveal the almost endless connections between the news and Bible prophecy. You might try Pastor John Hagee for this kind of information. www.jhm.org

A world wide move of God is beginning. The true church is waking up while a world wide apostate church is emerging. The apex of God's timetable approaches. Do not give up on God! His Spirit is active and change is coming. Make sure you are repentant, forgiven, filled and ready. Times are changing and God wants you to be ready.

Recommendations for excellent teaching from the Word of God:
www.jhm.org (Pastor John Hagee)
www.tscny.org (Times Square Church New York;
Pastor Carter Conlon)
www.mljtrust.org (Westminster Chapel - London - the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones; This site is a treasure trove of wisdom.)
I cannot end this list without mentioning my husband, Pastor Mike Stevens, whose excellent expository preaching is posted each Monday at www.jesuscommunity.us

Listen, study and grow. We need to be mature disciples who please and serve The Most Wonderful Lord!