Monday, September 21, 2015


Do you have a dream? Many "life coaches" today encourage the idea of the dream. Follow your dream. Plan your dream. Make goals toward your dream. I want to tell you something shocking: My dreams died in 1982 when I surrendered my life to Christ. I began to live Galatians 2:20:
I am crucified with Christ
Nevertheless I live
Yet not I
But Christ lives in me
And the life which I now live
In the flesh
I live by the faith
Of the Son of God
Who loved me
And gave Himself for me
The life lived in surrender to Christ is the life well lived. Do you have a dream? Surrender that dream to Christ. If He does not will it, you are better off to let it die. If He does will it, He will allow it to grow in your heart, He will anoint the progress toward the dream, and He will fulfill it as His will. Surrender your heart to say to Christ: "If you will it, I want it. If you do not will it, I do not want it." A surrendered heart has all its dreams fulfilled.
Delight yourself also in the Lord
and He shall give you the desires of your heart
A surrendered heart delights itself in the Lord. A surrendered heart has all it desires.